Customer Service

Experience hassle-free service with our dedicated Customer Service team.

Why Atlas Medical?

Customer-Centric Service Excellence: Putting Your Satisfaction First

Installation Support
  • Certified Installers for Installation and Handing Over.
  • Dedicated Team (BIG IRONS) for Smooth Installation.
  • Trained Resources Ensuring Hassle-free Setup.
  • Application Support to Optimize Equipment Performance.
Remote Service/Connections:
  • Improved Connectivity and Reachability for Better Remote Support.
  • Deploy Dedicated FSE’s for Key Customers and Locations.
  • Faster Response and Quicker Solutions to Remote Issues.
Call Management:
  • Dedicated Team to Respond to Customer Calls Routed via Philips.
  • Efficient Assignment of FSE’s Based on Specific Needs.
  • Real-time Updates on Parts Status.
  • Seamless Call Closure Ensuring Comprehensive Resolutions.
Personalized Service:
  • Tailored Services Meeting Individual Customer Expectations.
Customer Satisfaction:
  • Services Delivered as Per Customer Expectations.
  • Proactive Updates on Parts and System Uptime.
  • Continuous Monitoring of NPS (Net Promoter Score).

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