Providing leading medical equipment solutions for optimal patient care.

During our two-year partnership with Mach 7 in the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) sector, we have been dedicated to procuring and delivering PACS and VNA solutions. This collaboration has played a pivotal role in modernizing and streamlining medical image management for healthcare providers. We remain committed to advancing the field of PACS and VNA through our partnership with Mach 7.

Over the past two years, our partnership with Kheiron Med in the field of AI in mammography has been focused on delivering cutting-edge AI solutions for mammography. This collaboration has significantly contributed to enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of breast cancer screening and diagnosis. We are excited to continue our work with Kheiron Med in the AI mammography domain to further advance women’s health and improve healthcare outcomes.

In our two-year partnership with Annalise AI, we have been dedicated to advancing the field of AI in chest X-ray and CT imaging. This collaboration has allowed us to provide state-of-the-art AI solutions for X-ray analysis, contributing to more accurate and efficient diagnoses. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Annalise AI as we further innovate in the realm of AI in radiology.

Our partnership with Veeone in the Telehealth sector has enabled us to leverage their comprehensive suite of solutions, including VeeOne OS, VeeDoc, VeeClinic, VeeKart, VeeKast, and VeeGo 360. Over the duration of our collaboration, these telehealth tools have been instrumental in expanding access to healthcare services and improving patient care. We look forward to further enhancing our telehealth offerings and strengthening our partnership with Veeone in the years to come.