At Atlas Medical, we focus on the integration of advanced medical technologies to enhance orthopaedic care. Our innovative solutions are tailored to assist in the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of bone and joint disorders, facilitating faster patient recovery and improving overall treatment outcomes.

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Orthopaedics at Atlas Medical harnesses cutting-edge technology to treat musculoskeletal system disorders, focusing on innovations like minimally invasive surgical techniques and advanced prosthetics. These advancements enhance recovery times and patient mobility, significantly improving quality of life.

The field also emphasizes personalized medicine, tailoring treatments to individual genetic profiles and health histories to maximize effectiveness. Techniques such as gene therapy and stem cell applications are under exploration to revolutionize how injuries and degenerative conditions are treated.

Research continues to drive orthopaedics forward, integrating biotechnology and engineering to develop new materials and therapeutic strategies. This interdisciplinary approach not only promises better patient outcomes but also aims at preventive care, reducing the incidence and severity of musculoskeletal ailments through education and lifestyle modifications.

Why Atlas Medical?

Customer-Centric Service Excellence: Putting Your Satisfaction First

Installation Support
  • Certified Installers for Installation and Handing Over.
  • Dedicated Team (BIG IRONS) for Smooth Installation.
  • Trained Resources Ensuring Hassle-free Setup.
  • Application Support to Optimize Equipment Performance.
Remote Service/Connections:
  • Improved Connectivity and Reachability for Better Remote Support.
  • Deploy Dedicated FSE’s for Key Customers and Locations.
  • Faster Response and Quicker Solutions to Remote Issues.
Call Management:
  • Dedicated Team to Respond to Customer Calls Routed via Philips.
  • Efficient Assignment of FSE’s Based on Specific Needs.
  • Real-time Updates on Parts Status.
  • Seamless Call Closure Ensuring Comprehensive Resolutions.
Personalized Service:
  • Tailored Services Meeting Individual Customer Expectations.
Customer Satisfaction:
  • Services Delivered as Per Customer Expectations.
  • Proactive Updates on Parts and System Uptime.
  • Continuous Monitoring of NPS (Net Promoter Score).

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